Madison integrates with a broad range of Real-time Bidding (RTB) inventory sources, rich media platforms and third-party ad serving platforms.

RTB inventory sources

If you work at a large agency or brand and you're managing many large-scale campaigns, you want a means of maximizing your buying power. Real-time Bidding enables you to do just that. We're continually integrating with new RTB inventory sources and are currently plugged into the following:

RTB Inventory sources

Rich media platforms

Rich media mobile advertising takes what touchscreens uniquely offer – swiping or tapping the screen, shaking the device, geolocation – and turns these elements into high-impact ad formats such as games, videos, image carousels and custom animations. These are the rich media platforms we currently support.

Rich media platforms

Third-party ad servers

We currently work with the following third-party ad servers, and add new ad servers whenever clients request them.

Third Party Ad Servers


Adfonic currently works with the following data providers:


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