What Madison means for you

Madison – Adfonic's Demand-side Platform (DSP) – gives you clearer transparency, tighter control, and greater efficiency. Here's how.

Broader access

  • Multiple RTB integrations
  • Single buying point
  • Global scale

Clearer transparency

  • Choice of inventory sources
  • Publisher-level reports
  • RTB exchange-level pricing

Tighter control

  • Real-time analytics
  • Maximum bid price set by advertiser
  • CPC, CPM, CPA and CPI models
  • APIs for trading desks

Greater efficiency

  • Smart algorithms for automated buying
  • Second-price auction
  • Instantaneous optimization changes

More features

Ad operations workflow

Madison reduces the time to launch new campaigns by providing administrative tools that simplify the campaign planning process and enable streamlining of creative approval.

Algorithmic optimization and valuation

At the core of Madison sits a sophisticated machine-learning based "brain" which is constantly evaluating which inventory sources and data sets are statistically correlated with campaign performance, according to definitions from the advertiser.

Targeting engine

Campaigns can be targeted and optimized across a flexible set of targeting criteria, including geolocation, demographic, time of day, content channel, exchange, device, platform and OS version.

Post-click tracking

Our tracking services give advertisers open APIs to integrate a wide variety of conversion events enabling optimization to core metrics including Cost-Per-Download, Cost-Per-Lead, Cost-Per-Call and Cost-Per-Acquisition.

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