Our Platform Quality Promise

Adfonic quality assuranceAdfonic's platform quality promise is a commitment to deliver a safe, trusted and high-quality mobile advertising platform.

Our automated and manual processes continually monitor our platform against a set of stringent publisher guidelines giving you the confidence to know that your advertising campaigns and publisher inventories are safe with a trusted supplier. Our global Ad Operations team monitor publishers' mobile sites and applications within our platform to ensure that our customers and clients are receiving the highest quality campaign placements.

Automated monitoring technology

  • We also use fraud filters. Publishers that commit fraudulent activities, including false clicks, false impressions, use false addresses/masquerading ad brands, and incentivised clicks, will be removed from the Adfonic platform with immediate effect.
  • All publishers are scored. Publishers with unusually high or very low performance scores will be removed from the Adfonic platform.
  • We also monitor referrer URLs 24/7 using a semantic keyword list and operate a zero tolerance policy for any violations.

Ongoing publisher monitoring

Daily publisher reporting enables our Global Ad Operations team to review trends and behaviours outside of the norm and remove any publishers which display irregular metrics or any of the following:

  • Inappropriate content
  • Poor performance of mobile sites or applications
  • Non-adherence to our stringent publisher guidelines

Stringent publisher guidelines enforced

We do not accept publishers who:

  • Display any material related to adult content, sexual content, illegal drugs, hate speech or promotion of illegal activities such as spamming, pirating, and hacking
  • Are hosted by a free service
  • Are under construction or who's application is not live in the appropriate app store
  • Use meta refresh or timed banner rotation
  • Use techniques such as stacking (placing multiple tags on the same page)
  • Encourage incentivised clicks
  • Engage in click fraud, use click farms or clickbots

3rd party ad serving