Adfonic PerformanceSmarter performance is about results that matter to your business, whether to drive clicks, app downloads or other conversions such as leads, registrations, bookings or sales.

We make it possible for advertisers and agencies to run these direct response campaigns at scale, with access to over 300 billion global monthly impressions, and real-time tracking of downloads and post-click conversions.

And whatever your goal, we let our self-teaching algorithms loose on your campaign to optimize to your target cost-per-click or cost-per-conversion goal.

What performance means for you

  • Increased app downloads and improved rankings in the Apple App store, Google Play or other app distribution services
  • Greater visibility of post-click performance with conversion tracking
  • Independently tracked results with full support for third-party solution providers including Ad-X and HasOffers
  • More control with advertising models including cost-per-click and CPX pay-per-action pricing for large volume campaigns
  • Better results with real-time reporting and analytics

Get in touch and let us show you how we help you drive direct response at scale with smarter performance metrics.

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