End User Privacy Policy

Adfonic's technology powers advertisements that can appear on web sites and applications on your mobile phone or other devices connected to the mobile internet. You may interact directly with our servers (for example, when you click on an ad) or indirectly via the mobile web site that displays the ads.

Purpose of data collection

We collect certain information with each interaction between your device and our ad servers. We use this information to help deliver relevant ads to you, provide reports that contain aggregated data to our customers and partners (for example, we provide our advertisers with the number of ads delivered each day, the number of clicks on those ads, and so on), analyse trends, and perform fraud detection.

Information collected

We do not collect personal information about you. We do, however, record and use information that is not personal information as follows:

  1. the IP address of your device on the mobile internet, to help us identify your mobile operator, connection type, and other details;
  2. the 'user agent' of your browser or application, and other relevant request headers, to help us identify your device type;
  3. the date and time of the ad request or interaction; and
  4. a unique identifier, usually in the form of a HTTP cookie, that enables us not to show you the same ad over and over again.

We also encourage (but do not require) our publishers to share with us additional information that is not personal information and is used to improve ad relevance. This data may include:

  1. your age or age range, if known to the publisher;
  2. your gender, if known to the publisher; and
  3. your geographic location, if known to the publisher.


We do not use any persistent user profile data to target advertising (also known as behavioural, or interest-based advertising). However, we sometimes use cookies to help us track whether you complete specific actions on an advertiser's mobile web site, as this is needed for analytical purposes. These cookies use the domain name adfonic.net and expire within 30 days.

If you wish to block these cookies, you will need to change the relevant setting on your mobile device. Some, but not all, mobile platforms allow you to manage settings specifically for the adfonic.net domain; on others you can only control cookies at a global level. Details on how to do this vary based on your mobile device operating system and browser, but common cases can be addressed as follows:


  1. From the home screen of your device, select the "Settings" icon
  2. Select 'Safari' from the list
  3. To adjust the cookie settings, tap 'Accept Cookies'
  4. Choose either "Never", "From visited", or "Always"


  1. Open the browser app
  2. Push the 'Menu' button
  3. From the options that are shown to be running, select the 'More' option
  4. Select the 'Settings' function from the list of browser functions
  5. Scroll down to the 'Accept cookies' option. If the box is checked, uncheck it to disable cookies; if the box is unchecked, select it in order to enable cookies.

If you have any requests concerning your personal information or any queries with regard to these practices please contact us at privacy[at]adfonic[dot]com.