Maximize your revenues with AdMob Ad Network Mediation

Adfonic's Android and iOS SDKs are fully compatible with AdMob Ad Network Mediation.

AdMob Mediation is an ad mediation tool that offers developers another option to maximize their revenue streams from Android and iOS app inventory. This tool enables you to connect with multiple ad networks through one simple integration. You can control your allocation or choice of network through Admob's dashboard in real time.

By using multiple networks, you can assess which are performing best and optimize accordingly to maximize fill rates and increase your revenues. You can choose which ad networks are included in your SDK and can switch networks without requiring your users to update. You can also cross-promote your own apps by creating custom ads.

Integration Steps

Admob Ad Network Mediation is straightforward to install and can usually be set up in less than an hour once publications are approved.

  1. Before you start you must be registered with both an Adfonic and Admob account.
  2. You will need to have one or more publications approved within Adfonic.
  3. You'll need to have downloaded both the Admob and Adfonic SDKs.
  4. Within the Admob interface, under 'Sites and Apps', click 'Ad Network Mediation' and follow the instructions.
  5. Select Adfonic as your chosen ad network and enter your Adfonic Ad Slot ID when requested.
  6. This gives you your Admob mediation ID to insert into your application as per the Admob SDK instructions.


More technical instructions for iOS and Android are in our developer section. For technical support queries please contact [email protected].

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