Make money from your sites and apps

Earn more money from your apps!

  • Global ad campaigns from top brands
  • SDK Version 2.0 for Android and iOS

If you're a mobile publisher or app developer, Adfonic can help you make more money from your mobile sites and apps with display advertising.

We give you control and optimization: control of the type of ads that you display; and optimization of your ad slots' performance in real time with our deep-dive reporting and analytics.

Maximize your earnings with Adfonic's SDK Version 2.0 for Android and iOS

Adfonic's SDKs

  • High value rich media and video campaigns
  • Wide range of UDID alternatives
  • Support for full-page ad units

Get started

Follow these simple steps to start earning:

  1. Go to our online developer resource and follow the steps for your operating system to see a test ad
  2. Find your unique Ad Slot ID at the Ad Integration page
  3. Replace the test ID in your project with your unique Ad Slot ID. The test ID has the format 22222222-2222-2222-2222-222222222222
  4. Request a live ad

After you compile and run your app with the unique Ad Slot ID, you will see the pending approval ad. This is because we approve your app before it can receive live ads, to ensure that we maintain quality standards that protect developers, publishers and advertisers alike. This usually happens within one business day and we will notify you by email when it is approved.

Developer Wiki

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