Madison's technology stack is built on Adfonic's made-for-mobile smarter buying platform that has delivered over 40,000 campaigns to date. It handles approximately 100 Terabytes of data and up to 50,000 queries per second across RTB and non-RTB inventory sources.

Madison architecture

The technology features include

Self-service web tools

Friendly, intuitive Web 2.0/Ajax-enabled dashboards and campaign management tools, allowing rapid access to key trafficking tools on a fully self-service basis. Agencies can group and manage different advertiser accounts to see campaign stats in near real-time.

Webservices APIs

Madison offers a full suite of RESTful APIs giving comprehensive access to campaign setup, management, targeting, budgeting and granular, near real-time reporting.


Our RTB bidder has been built from the ground up to implement the latest industry standard OpenRTB 2 specification and has been adapted and road-tested for the full variety of mobile exchange platforms. With many bidders deployed across exchanges in multiple geographic locations, we ensure massive reach with response times well under 50ms.

Ad server

The Adfonic ad server can work as a standalone, full service ad server for all mobile standard ad units, utilizing cloud-based distributed hosting to ensure fast delivery of assets, as well as integrating with third-party ad servers, pixel servers, and rich media vendors.

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