Meet Madison: Adfonic's mobile DSP

Madison: Adfonic's Mobile DSP
As a large agency or brand, you need to make the most of your mobile ad buying power. You want to see clearly how your campaigns are performing across multiple inventory sources. And you want reassurance that whatever you bid, you will pay the most competitive price.

Meet Madison, Adfonic's mobile DSP. Madison is, quite simply, the most efficient single mobile ad buying solution. Here's why.

Broader access

Madison gives you access to RTB (Real-time Bidding) inventory at scale, through a single buying point, with smarter algorithms and bigger data to get the best out of every impression.

Clearer transparency

Adfonic's mobile DSP shows the clear view of performance across RTB inventory
sources. View pricing and performance data, and gain insight with real-time analytics and reporting at exchange level.

Tighter control

Transparency means you have control, over which exchanges to buy across, over how
much you want to bid, and over your maximum bid based on the performance of individual exchanges.

Greater efficiency

Madison's advanced algorithms optimize to your goals and decide when to bid, so you
don't have to. Meanwhile, price levels are decided by the most efficient mechanism there is – the market.

Meet Madison. Contact us today at [email protected].