Mobile Video Advertising

Click to videoMobile video ads replicate the compelling, dynamic power of TV ads on a mobile screen, taking users on a brand journey that extends from the big screen to the small screen.

Our click-to-video, pre-roll and mid-roll formats enable you to deploy captivating video ad campaigns, while delivering streamlined management and execution. They also empower you to track user engagement in real time, with other traditional metrics such as click volumes and clickthrough rates, to provide you with the full picture of campaign performance.

What video means for you

  • Click-to-video, pre-roll and mid-roll formats for maximum flexibility
  • Large audience sizes comparable with prime-time TV shows for huge reach
  • Seamless visual experiences that take users directly from banner ads to high-quality TV commercial-style videos
  • Adfonic's unique real-time engagement score metric based on number of views and users' viewing time
  • Brand awareness through exciting, integrated campaigns

Get in touch and let us show you how we let your brand burst into life with smarter mobile advertising video formats.

Conversion Tracking