Adfonic for advertisers

At Adfonic, we believe in smarter buying. Smarter buying means access to over 300 billion global mobile ad impressions each month, through one single buying point.

For advertisers and agencies smarter buying means rich media formats that turn passive advertising into active brand engagement; mobile video that lets your brand burst into life; direct response advertising at scale.

And, for mainstream agencies, smarter buying means bidding by impression for greater control and efficiency.


  • Generate direct response
    • App install campaigns
    • Lead generation
    • App install and mobile site conversion tracking

Rich Media

  • Drive engagement
    • Over 10 billion rich media ad requests
    • Rich media vendor integration
    • Concept and creative services team


  • Build brand awareness
    • Seamless, integrated TV-style ad experience
    • Real-time engagement measurement
    • Native iOS/Android player

Advertisers we work with

Who we work with