Adfonic is the smarter buying platform for mobile

We offer advertisers and agencies a smarter way to buy mobile inventory with the widest possible access to global mobile web and app inventory – over 100 billion global ad impressions each month through a single buying point.

We bring together the best people, the latest tech, the fastest algorithms and the deepest data. This is why our mobile advertising formats, performance metrics and dedicated agency console give customers better results with more control.

Adfonic provides a truly global offering supported by local offices in London (HQ), Madrid, Munich, New York, Paris, San Francisco and Singapore.

Adfonic facts

  • Access to 100 billion monthly ad impressions
  • Reach 250 million mobile unique users monthly
  • Average over 6,000 campaigns per month
  • Local offices: London, Madrid, Munich, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Singapore
  • 100 employees